BLUETTI EB150 Solar Generator + 2 × 120W Solar Panel

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portable power station
The Bluetti Eb240 Solar Generator is equipped with solar panels for charging, which can provide a steady stream of power for your outdoor off-grid life.
The connection is super simple. Follow the diagram below in the product details to easily build a solar power supply system.

The bundle contains all connected accessories, no need to purchase additional accessories.

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Run all your needs, Anywhere.

BLUETTI EB150 (EU version)  Solar Power Station has a large battery capacity of 1500Wh/1000W. It is designed for a backup power supply in power failure at home or for an outdoor off-grid power supply. You can use it to charge various electronic products (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, etc.) or power various electric appliances with rated power under 1000W (such as household appliances like LED light, TV, mini-fridge, and various electric tools). Be aware of the potential danger, confront critical circumstances, the sustainable power supply could save a life.

WHat can EB150 Power? devices under 1000W

1500Wh*0.85/Power of the device = duration of use (Hrs)

Function Introduction

◉ Industry-leading Outputs  ◉  8 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices ◉ Plug-and-go   

the_charging_time_of_devices_with _Bluetti_EB150_solar_power_station

2 Flexible Recharging Ways

Battery Management System (BMS) Enables
◉ Short Circuit Protection  ◉ Voltage Control  ◉ Temperature Control
◉ MPPT Built-In ◉ Ultra-Safe Lithium Battery ◉ Intelligent Cooling System 

Battery Management System (BMS) Enables
◉ Short Circuit Protection 
◉ Voltage Control 
◉ Temperature Control
◉ MPPT Built-In
 ◉ Ultra-Safe Lithium Battery
◉ Intelligent Cooling System 


Smart Display

LCD Screen
◉ Charge/Discharge & Battery Life StatusSwitch
◉ Indicator light for On/Off output port charging


Application Scenarios

BLUETTI EB150 (EU version) Solar Power Station perfect to be used at home, in a campervan, or on a camping trip. EB150 could supply for your GPS, electronic barometer, TV, gaming PC, dehumidifier, snow blower, mini-refrigerator, portable stove, medical equipment. What’s more, EB150 is also a perfect home backup power supply system for emergencies. Along with a reliable PV panel, it’s an amazing way to support you in an emergency or during prolonged power outages.









How to charge with solar power?

Solar Panel (outdoor recommended): ≈3.5-4 Hours (Using 2*200W Solar Panels simultaneously with full sun)

how to charge Bluetti_EB150_solar_power_station_with_solar_power

AC & Solar charging

This EB150 (EU Vesion)Portable Solar Power Station can be recharged with a solar panel
(Open Circuit Voltage must be 16V~60V(Max), Max 500W, the solar panel not included in the package).
Higher Power of the Panel, Shorter Charge Time you will Get, e.g., 2×200W Panel(SP200) in Series: About 4 Hrs.
This Power Station can be fully charged in 8 Hrs by being Plugged into the wall outlet.

What’s in the box

1×Portable Power Storage (EB150)
1×200W AC Wall Charger
1×PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 To MC4)
1×User Manual
1×Certificate Of Qualificatition