MAXOAK Mobile Wallbox 11 kW Ladegerät, Typ 2 Ladekabel mit Adaptern für Elektrofahrzeuge

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  • [Ladekabel für Elektrofahrzeuge Typ 2]: Das Ladekabel für Elektrofahrzeuge ist mit einer Steckdose vom Typ 2 mit einer Anzeigebox ausgestattet, um den Ladestatus jederzeit zu überprüfen. Es ist 5 Meter lang, bietet 11 kW Leistung und kann an eine CEE-Steckdose angeschlossen werden.
  • [Hochqualifiziertes tragbares Ladekabel]: Das Ladekabel ist wasserdicht nach IP65 und somit robust genug für den dauerhaften Einsatz sowie gegen Wasser und Staub.
  • [Ultraschnelles Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen]: Unser Ladegerät für Elektrofahrzeuge verfügt über Typ 2, dreiphasig mit maximal 16 A und einer Leistung von 11 kW, sodass Sie Ihr Auto viel schneller aufladen können als mit dem einphasigen Ladegerät für Elektrofahrzeuge, und es ist auch schneller als die meisten Original-Ladegeräte, die mit Ihrem Auto geliefert werden, was Ihnen auf lange Sicht eine Menge Zeit spart.
  • [Umfassende Kompatibilität]: Unsere mobile Wallbox MAXOAK ist weitgehend kompatibel mit Elektroautos und Plug-in-Hybriden mit Typ-2- und CCS2-Anschlüssen, einschließlich Hyundai IONIQ 5, Mercedes-Benz, EQA 250, BMW iX3, BMW i4 eDrive40, Porsche Taycan, Volvo C40, BYD e6 EV, Volkswagen ID.4, neuer Fiat 500, Mazda MX-30 usw.
  • [Was Sie erhalten]: MAXOAK 11 kW Wallbox-Ladegerät, Kabelhalter, Wallbox-Wanderhalterung, Benutzerhandbuch, Garantiekarte und 12 Monate Garantie.

The Faster, Smarter, Cleaner EV Charger

Charge with Peace of Mind

Universal & Safe

Compatible with all EVs, PEVs, PHEVs: Tesla models, BMW i3, Hyundai Kona and Ioniq, Nissan LEAF, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Bolt, Audi e-tron, Porsche Taycan, Kia Niro, and more. Featuring with leakage protection, over-temperature/voltage/current protection, lightning/ungrounded protection etc.

Remote Moniter & Control Box Management

Adjustable Charging Time & Ampacity 8/10/13/16A

Easy Portability, Endless Possibility

With a built-in ergonomic handle design, it can be easily lifted and moved with just one hand. An excellent backup power source to rest assured without worry about running out of power or an unexpected power failure.

A Must-have E-car Partner

As compact as 42*42*15cm of dimension and weights only 5.05 kg, MAXOAK 11kw wallbox is designed for E-cars oweners, which can power almost 90% models E-cars on the market. It can simply be charged by wall outlet, thus you do not have to worry about electricity consumption at all.

Never Run Out of Power

Suitable for various occasions

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Typical Voltage:

Adjustable Current:

Cable Spec:
8 AWG, 5m total length from the plug to the charging head.

Electrical Connectors for EVs:
SAE J1772.

IP Grade:


5.05 kg

Dimensions (LxWxD):
42 x 42 x 15cm

Operating Temperature:

Customer Reviews

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Francois Fuzellier

Perfect !

Wallbox für mobiles Laden oder als Wallbox zu Hause

I got this wallbox mainly for mobile use for my girlfriend's new electric car, as another JuiceBooster is too expensive for me.

Important for all Tesla drivers: The description states (as of 02.07.2023) that an adapter is required for Teslas. In Europe, however, TESLAs are already equipped with a Type 2 plug and charging works directly .

First of all, all the components are well packed in the carrying bag. What I like very much is that a CEE socket and a fixed holder for the wallbox are included, as well as the Type 2 plug for the garage wall when it is not needed. With other manufacturers, these are directly expensive accessories - not here :-). An adapter from Schuko to CEE is also included. Once all the additional components are out of the bag, the wallbox can be easily stored in the bag.

As with any other simple charger, plug-and-play applies here. Plug it in, select the amperage and, if necessary, a desired start time, and plug it in. Then the amperage and the timer cannot be changed until the plug is removed from the car. This is important for me, especially in public areas, so that no one can "play around" with it when I am charging!

For mobile use, the most commonly found sockets in Germany are the plugs enclosed: CEE with 16A and Schuko. I also find the meter reading on the display practical when I'm charging at a friend's house and want to pay them for the electricity I've used. I also find the cable length of 5m well chosen: Not too long and therefore not too heavy, but also not too short, so that you have a certain flexibility to the next socket.

The selected max. charging power is reliably recognized by the vehicle. Since I only have one earthed socket at home, single-phase charging naturally takes a while.

The "app connection" is realised via an AccessPoint. You connect to the device and can then call up a local website. I would like to see a "real" app or the possibility of integrating the wallbox into my WLAN at home. Maybe the manufacturer will add something here, which would be the icing on the cake for a mobile wallbox ;-)

All in all, the MAXOAK is a sufficiently equipped and well-made mobile charger. It is intuitive to operate and offers everything you need for everyday use.


Product Application

MAXOAK 11Kw wallbox

portable wallbox for E-cars